i am a social media aficionado, news junkie, community activist and smith college graduate from new orleans, la. i have 6+ years of experience working as an archivist, focusing on the collection, documentation, preservation and access to audiovisual human rights media in support of advocacy, prosecution of justice, truth-telling, and preservation of the historical record. for the majority of this time i worked in the media archive at witness but i have also worked with unicef, pacifica radio archives and the feminist archive north. in 2008, i skipped across the pond to raise both my consciousness and my carbon footprint and successfully completed a masters program at the university of leeds in activism and social change. this course was a combination of theory and praxis, where i was able to engage with new theories as well as learn practical skills for campaigning and organizing. since returning to the states, i have worked as new media manager for one nation working together- a large, coalition campaign based in washington, dc focused on building a non-partisan civic movement to elect and hold our representatives accountable to working people. i am currently conducting a communications and online advocacy consultancy with the u.s. human rights network, based in atlanta, ga.

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